We specialise in installing private poles for all different functions.  A private pole could be required when you are wanting to remove the overhead service from the front of your property and have an underground supply.  A private pole is required if your overhead service is crossing a neighbour’s boundary.  You may want a temporary private pole for a building project that will be removed upon completion of your project. 


There are certain rules that dictate where you can and can not install a private pole.  We work to the NSW Service and Installation Rules and so there are certain rules that need to be followed when installing a private pole.  Location, height, material and strength of the pole all need to be considered when planning the installation of a private pole.


You need to consider location.  Your overhead service is not allowed to run over a neighbour’s boundary and must be located within one meter of your front boundary.


You need to consider height – a point of attachment must be a minimum of three meters from the ground.  That means the hook at the top of the pole – where the overhead service connects, must be three meters above the ground.  As well as that the overhead service must be a certain height crossing a road.  The overhead service must be a minimum of 5.5 meters above the centre of the road when crossing.


Speak to us if you would like us to install a steel or timber private pole on your property.

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