Disconnect/Reconnect of Services

You may need your services disconnected for a renovation, for a repair of the point of attachment, fascia/barge board repair or a blown barge fuse replacement. Frequently the consumer mains need upgrading, as they are not adequate for modern day demand. Niche Electrical offer ASP services with Class 2A certification to disconnect your premises and once the work is complete – reconnect providing your installation meets the NSW Service and Installation Rules and AS3000:2018. Can your current electrical supply cope with your dream lifestyle? Older houses with inadequate or outdated electrical supplies are unable to handle our modern-day living requirements. For example, a house with an induction cooktop, double oven, air conditioning unit and pool equipment is in danger of overloading the supply and blowing the barge fuse. Niche Electrical can provide you with a fully licenced level 2 ASP to disconnect services and carry out the required upgrades to ensure your supply is reliable and safe.

Overhead Services

If you are building a new home or business premise you may require new overhead services (mains supply cables). Alternatively, the existing services may need relocating or upgrading due to being undersized or deteriorated. Quite often an increase from single phase to three phase supply is required due to an increased demand from the customer.

Advanced Metering and Energisation

Since July 1st 2017 the implementation of the government-led ‘Power of Choice’ has meant that the consumer now has more choice and flexibility with electricity suppliers. However, this means there are a few steps to take in order to organise this process as each retailer requests a new digital advanced meter be installed. Niche Electrical and Solar are accredited with Active Stream/Plus ES to install, replace or remove meters and replace with new advanced EDMI digital meters (“smart meters”). New meters can actually save you money as they record true readings and time of use recordings, so there are no approximations of energy bills. This also allows you to offset your energy usage to certain times of the day and be more cost efficient. As Level 2 accredited electricians we can energise an installation once all testing has been completed and the premise is deemed to be safe.
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